Roskin Essence Mud Face Pack for Glowing Skin


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Product Description

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Rejuvenating and healing Mud Face Pack with Kokum Butter, Almond Oil & Honey that: –

According to the traditional texts, the effects of mud are refreshing.
Mud therapy is considered to provide coolness to skin.
Dilute and absorbs the toxic substances and ultimately eliminate them from the skin.
Tightens the skin as it removes the unnecessary oils and impurities.


Discover the power of mud with The Roskin Essence Mud Face Face Kit made by a combination of three powerful clays/mud :-

BENTONITE CLAY which is also known as volcanic ash is the remnant of volcanoes. It’s negatively charged ions attract and draw out toxins from the skin surface and detoxify the skin of any impurities.
MULTANI MUD effectively fights pimples and acne, has excellent properties that help remove excess sebum and oil, resulting in achieving a flawlessly glowing skin.
KAOLIN CLAY that is best known for removing dull and dead skin, deep cleanses dirt from your pores that helps in brightening the dullness of skin.


Roskin Essence Mud Face pack is infused with rare herbs such as:

1. ARJUNA helps brighten the skin

2. TURMERIC extract is considered to have anti-inflammatory properties that calm the skin and reduce dark spots.

3. NEEMPAAN is antibacterial in nature. It reduces acne and it’s anti-fungal properties help reduce the scars and pigmentations caused by acne.

4. TULSI is a strong detoxifying agent that purifies the skin and soothes inflammation.

5. ALOEVERA is best known for it’s hydrating effect on the skin.

6. KOKUM BUTTER is rich in essential fatty acids. It softens the skin and promotes elasticity.

7. HONEY’S natural antibacterial properties treat and prevent acne. It’s moisturising nature gives a healthy glowing effect to the skin.

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Added with Natural Rose Essence
Petrochemical & PEGs Free
No Artificial Colours
Alcohol Free
Animal Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Plant based (Vegetarian)


The Mud Face Pack Kit includes a soft bristle mini applicator brush that is :-

Travel friendly.
Effective for neat application.
Time saving.
Holds adequate amount of product in one stroke and helps avoid wastage.

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Direction for use:

Step 1: Apply over a cleansed face in an evenly distributed layer using the soft bristle application mini brush provided.

Step 2: Leave the pack to completely dry for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3: Delicately wipe off using a damp face towel or rinse.

Step 4: Follow up with a moisturiser.

Use the pack consistently 2-3times a week, for dry and sensitive skin.

Discover the power of mud with our brand new mud face pack that is a combination of bentonite clay, kaolin clay and multani mud. The Mud Face Pack is infused with rare herbs such as, Arjuna, Neempan, Tulsi, Kokum butter, Honey, Turmeric and Aloevera.
DETOXIFIES any impurities, BRIGHTEN the dullness and achieve a flawless GLOW.
Cleans pores, cools inflammation, tightens, rejuvenates and gives a refreshing effect to the skin.


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