PAJO Shea Butter Beetroot Lip Lightening Natural Shea Butter Lip Balm for Dark Lips, 10 Grams , Pink Tint


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Product Description

Pajo CosmeticsPajo Cosmetics

Ingredients: Reasearch based Formulations

Beetroot lip balm

Beetroot lip balm

shea butter lip balm

shea butter lip balm

geranium lip balm

geranium lip balm

beeswax lip balm

beeswax lip balm

Beetroot Lip Balm

Naturally Pinkens Your Lips. Combination of Vitamin C + betanin-vulgaxanthin present in beetroot extract in PAJO lip balm does real magic.

Vitamin C promotes collagen production giving you wrinkle-free bouncy lips.

Betanin-vulgaxanthin gives your lips a natural pink tint over a period of use.

Shea Butter Lip Balm

Nourishes your lips.

Shea Butter is the super food for skin with abundant Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids, – linoleic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids. When PAJO Lip Balm (Contains 50% w/w Shea Butter) is applied on lips, these fats are rapidly absorbed by lips – hydrating, moiturizing, protecting lips.

Geranium Lip Balm

Effective cure – Chapped Lips.

It heals lips and their cracks as it enhances blood circulation below the skin´s surface.

Geranium oil offers a potent cure for chapped lips, speeds up cellular turnover to prevent chapping in the first place!

Besswax Lip Balm

Unlike most beeswax lip balms, PAJO uses soft, yellowy beeswax (you can smell the delicate, muted honey like note in the balm.)

Beeswax is essential to lock-in the skin’s own moisture by forming a protective – yet breathable layer on the lips.

Natural Lip BalmNatural Lip Balm

Oils Used in PAJO Lip Blm

coconut oil lip balm

coconut oil lip balm

jojoba oil lip balm

jojoba oil lip balm

safflower oil lip balm

safflower oil lip balm

vitamin e lip balm

vitamin e lip balm

Any moisturizing lip care product is incomplete without Nature’s best moisturizer – coconut.

Our coconut oil comes from DRY COPRA crushed in stone chekku operated @ 70 rpm speed.

Coconut oil offers best protection against chapped lips and gives a nice texture to lips in combination with right proportion of shea butter and beeswax.

Jojoba Oil Lip Balm

Jojoba is a natural sunscreen which also soothes lips exposed to harsh environment.

At PAJO, we wanted to incorporate an oil with lower molecular size to balance the oil composition of this lip balm that can add rapid restoration of damaged lips – Jojoba.

Jojoba is the only oil used in skin care that has a molecular size finer than sebum, or natural skin oils. It’s fine molecular size means it cuts through the dried debis of damages lips – repairs lips at rapid speed.

Safflower Oil Lip Bam

Safflower oil – One of the richest sources of linoleic acid, which is necessary for production of ceramides – key components of the epidermal layer that play a crucial role in barrier function and help the lips retain water.

Its an effective – Occlusive agents coat the stratum corneum (outer thin layer of lips) to slow transepidermal water loss.

Safflower oil gives your lips volume, smooth, soft – like baby lips!

Vitamin E Lip Balm

Natural Vitamin E Oil used in this formula stabilizes the other 3 oils and enhances the effectiveness of this formulation.

Besides, Vitamin E promotes new cell generation – your lips looks lively!

PAJo Lip Balm BackPAJo Lip Balm Back

PAJO is Natural Lip Balm.

Why should you use a natural lip balm?

We know all cosmetics contain chemicals, but its different with lip balm – We ‘EAT’ our Lip Balm when we eat, drink etc. This is the reason we have to be 100% sure that lip balm is a natural one free from hazardous chemicals.

So whats wrong with most lip balms in the market?

You have the answer. They are made for the market – NOT for YOU!

They are mass-produced in mega scale and and pushed through mega ad budgets. They are actually colored paraffin sticks with synthetic fragrance, oils, waxes etc.

Not even 10% w/w of them comes from natural plant based materials.

How harmful are these “synthetic lip balms”?

Very Harmful – They contain carcinogenic, harmone disrupting chemicals.

Base: Mineral Aromatic Hydrocarbons (MOAHs) – Carcinogenic.

Preservatives: Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) and Parabens – hormone disruptors and may cause reproductive disorders.

PAjo LIp Balm AdPAjo LIp Balm Ad

This lip balm is a creamy lip balm packed in a 10 Gram round container (Not a chapstick).Truly Botanical Delight for your Lips: Rich in Vitaminc A,E,C, Essential FAtty Acids and made with pure natural oils – Coconut, Jojoba and Safflower.
Lip-safe color conforming to CFR, European Union EEC Directive EC1223/2009 Regulation.
Pink Tint (Suitable to Indian Lips) with Creamier texture for thick, easier application with glossy look.
Free from Parabens, Petroleum, Phthalates, Preservatives and Synthetic Fragrance.


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