Olvedic Love Lippy Hydra Lip Moisturizer Lip Balm (75 gm, Chocolate)


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Price: ₹ 1,050.00 - ₹ 420.00
(as of Jun 12,2021 07:36:10 UTC – Details)

AROMA:-Light (No added fragrance).
ABSORPTION:-Oil is easily absorbed by the skin and hair due to its light texture.
It is a First-Press oil because we value quality over quantity.
Easily absorbs into the skin and hair.
Works gently and deeply for all skin types.
No added fragrance, preservatives, or harmful chemicals.

Being fresh, the shelf life is 18 months.
Store in a cool, dark place to maintain the freshness and achieve maximum shelf life.
Made manually in small batches every month to deliver 100% Fresh, Pure, Raw, and Organic oil.
The oil comes in an amber glass bottle to protect the contents from harmful UV UB rays, and it comes with a dropper.
It is FSSAI approved, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Halal-Certified, with No Chemical Treatments, and Non-GMO.
It is Falways made and delivered fresh.
Oil for skin is enriched with antioxidant properties which help make the skin soft supple when used as a body massage oil.
Oil for hair works excellent as it provides nourishment to the scalp which strengthens the hair follicles stimulates stronger, thicker-looking hair.
About Us
Olvedic.The name says it all. Our products are truly organic because all ingredients are born, nurtured, and extracted organically. No chemicals or chemical fertilizers are used at any stage of the process. Olvedic stands for Pure, Natural, and Organic products only. Truly unadulterated since birth and truly rare.


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