Indus Valley Bio Organic natural shikakai powder with amla powder for hair care (200gm)


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Price: ₹ 348.00 - ₹ 329.00
(as of Jun 11,2021 01:54:34 UTC – Details)

Indus valley 100% chemical free powder without any added chemicals, fillers and preservatives.Amla powder or the indian gooseberry powder has strong chances to get you long, strong and healthy hair locks. This amla powder 100gm is enough for multiple applications for all shoulder to knee length hairs. Indus valley amla powder organic for skin is best friendly product that does wonders in skin texture enhancing as provides smooth glowing gorgeous skin tone. Pure and natural amla powder for hair growth done the job perfectly to provide voluminous and healthy hair, also it smoothens the hair texture fetches young, glossy and thick hair. Shikakai powder for hair growth retains the natural oils of the hair, control dandruffand strengthens hair roots, keeping it lustrous and healthy.It is a great hair cleanser and conditioner. In fact, this magical herb has proved efficient for conditioning hair and imparts intense shine to it. It works as natural shikakai cleanser for scalp, maintains the natural colour presenting soft shiny bouncy hair.

Amla powder works excellently for skin with its scrubbing, toning and cleansing properties
It Can be used effectively for hair treatment
Shikakai hair conditioner: Make your hair softer and add a beautiful shine to it.
Regular use of Shikakai organic powder helps to reduce dandruff and maintains scalps pH balance.


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