Indus Valley Bio Organic Hair Reborn Aloe Vera Gel With Bhringraj & Walnut Oil For Ultimate Hair Management (175ml)


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Product Description

Indus ValleyIndus Valley

Indus Valley Hair Reborn Aloe Vera Gel is overall natural solutions to stop hair loss, hair thinning, Helps to enhance hair growth, and maintain elasticity of hair. Lightweight and innovative cooling aloe gel with the richness of mint soothes Scalp irritation and feels extremely fresh and recharged. Enriched with botanical herbs and natural oils like rosemary oil, almond, walnut, henna, Brahmi, bhringraj which helps to remove dandruff, soothes itchy scalp and controls hair fall. The natural solutions are out there, Hair Reborn shows you the way towards soft and silky hair.

Miraculous hair gel for making your hair ShineMiraculous hair gel for making your hair Shine

Ultimate Hair Enrichment For Healthy Hair.

Smooth and silky formula.
Gives them sheen.
Best leave in conditioner.
Moisturizes dry and dull hair.
Flaunt your tresses.

Repair FrizzinessRepair Frizziness

Repair Frizziness

Coats each strand to make sure the cuticle stays smooth and fights off frizzy hair. It helps to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Almond oil helps penetration of vitamin E that makes your hair shinier and smooth and fights uncontrollable frizzy hair.

Nature’s Approved Hair Care

Nature’s Approved Hair Care

Conditions The Right Way

Conditions The Right Way

Good Bye Split Ends

Good Bye Split Ends

Scalp Cleanser

Scalp Cleanser

Nature’s Approved Hair Care

Complete natural hair reborn gel infused with the richness of henna, almond, walnut, Brahmi, bhringraj, rosemary, mulethi fights hair loss, hair thinning and boost healthy, shiny, strong hair growth. Altogether, they work to improve the thickness of your hair, making it voluminous.

Conditions The Right Way

Conditioning needs to be done right. It helps to seal in the moisture content in the hair shaft and makes hair more manageable. Softens the dry hair and retains the natural shine and smoothness of hair. Perfect natural hair growth stimulants are present together.

Good Bye Split Ends

Aloevera have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help in hair growth without any occurrence of split ends. It helps to boost hair health, maintains the elasticity and softness of hair and makes them smooth and shiny.

Scalp Cleanser

The cleansing and nourishing natural henna, Brahmi and bhringraj infused in gel helps in moisturizing your scalp and remove flakiness and itchiness. Mulethi Wipes out the dirt present on scalp and keeps the hair follicles and roots hydrated. Apply it regularly for best visible results.

Strengthen and nourishes hair Strengthen and nourishes hair

Strengthen And Nourishes Hair

The Aloevera, walnut, bhringraj, almond based hair gel make the hair shiny, strong and also nourish and open up hair follicles, encouraging healthy hair growth. It protects the hair from environment damage. Brahmi helps to strengthen hair from roots.



Prewash your hair with a mild shampoo and towel dry your hair.



Take a dab of gel on your clean and dry hands.



Apply it on your scalp and hair.



Leave it on your hair or wash it off next morning.

This gel is made using ECOCERT certified preservatives and it’s completely free from paraben, resorcinol and other harmful artificial additives.
Hair reborn aloe vera gel provides powerful nutrition, condition and hydration to the scalp and hair. It also stimulates blood flow in hair roots that helps in enhancing hair growth.
This is a lightweight and non-greasy hair reborn gel which quickly gets absorbed by the scalp and hair roots.
It is a multiple hair care gel which increases hair growth, prevents hair loss, repairs dry scalp, brittle and chemically damaged hair, reduces dandruff, itchiness, irritations, baldness and hair breakage.


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