ALTON SHR20795 SS-304 Grade 8X8 Square over Head Shower (Silver)


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(as of May 30,2021 16:11:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description

alton shower headalton shower head

Arm Suggestion By ALTON for Our Showers:- Material: Brass

4-INCH For Shower = 12 ” Brass Arm (Cat. No.:- SHR20625)
6-INCH For Shower = 15″ Brass Arm (Cat. No.:- SHR20630)
8-INCH For Shower = 18″ Brass Arm (Cat. No.:- SHR20640)
12-INCH For Shower = 21″ Brass Arm (Cat. No:- SHR20635)





✔️ Top & Bottom Mirror surface: No need to change your bathroom’s interior or install other (useless) decors. The mirror surfaces reflect the view and provide a modern atmosphere that appeals to everyone. ✔️ No pressure required: The shower gives you a powerful rain even at the minimal pressure. So no electricity bills nor do you need a flooded water tank. ✔️ Self-cleaning nozzles: Time is Everything. Why wasting those precious moments cleaning boring nozzles? The soft rubber nozzles keep themselves clean all the time. So you can invest your time in other important tasks.







Air Technology

Oxygenated water flow
Natural waterfall shower experience is provided to you through oxygenated water flow, which mixed air to increase the oxygen.

The mixture of 30% air and 70% water enhance the pressure of the water flowing out of shower head. This technology makes water flow softer, widely spread, and provide you enjoyable shower experience. Particularly, it improves water use efficiency by saving 30% of water.

Ultra Thin

2 mm ultra thin edge, made by seamless fiber laser welding technology

unibody design ensures zero water leakage.

Modern Design

304 stainless steel shower head

The shower head which from 304 stainless steel and passed 24 hour salt spray tests has high temperature tolerance, anti-erosive and rustless attributes. 





304 Grade Stainless steel

Ten layer chrome pleted, years still bright clean like new.  304 stainless steel doesn’t contain lead which will provide a better bathing environment for you and protect your skin. 304 stainless precision crafted, corrosion- resistand, anti-rust, smooth and bright.

Mirror Look Technology

Mirror Look Technology, is highly reflective for a mirror-like look and keep it a life long bright

Self Cleaning Nozzle

Heat-resistant silicone nozzle prevent aging and anti-clogging, offer more water pressure and easy to clean.





Choose a suitable angle for yourself to enjoy your shower.

Ultra thin shower head body offer a elegant and modern look Ultra thin shower head body offer more water pressure.

Stainless steel filter prevents impurities from entering the shower head

Package Content: 1-Piece Overhead Shower Only
1-Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect
Flow: Rain, Nozzle: Touch Clean
It provides fantastic water flow to ensure your pleasant experience. Both elegant and powerful, it will satisfy you with its excellent performanceAdvanced air injection technology offer more water pressure and save more water. Air energy technology offer consistent powerful rain shower even under low water pressureHeat-resistant silicone nozzle prevent aging and anti-clogging, offer more water pressure and easy to clean


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